There’s an email (spam), claiming that you can search for “Easy and Affordable Handymen” for any job. If the recipient clicks on any links in the email, the link takes you to a malicious site that could infect your computer with harmful viruses, Trojans and or spyware.

Handymen Malicious Email

The link in the email goes to ( and this domain has a poor reputation rated by the WEB of Trust (WOT) community. The site appeared on an automatically composed list of spamvertised websites. The site is listed on several blacklists, including Spacequad AntiSpam Services. This site is a phishing site out to steal personal information to be used for illegal activity such as identity theft and other online criminal activity.

When checking the domain reputation ( on URLVoid, the site status is dangerous. The site has failed on 4 out of 18 engines used by URLVoid to check a sites reputation.

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