Carrying a small library in your bag wasn’t possible 10 years ago, but with the introduction of mobile devices for reading this has become easy. Being easy to carry, to read and to buy books online is the set of factors that led to the popularity of the Kindle Books.Find Kindle Books

We all know about Amazon and what can be found there (almost all the books you can imagine), but let’s take a glance at 5 other websites where you can find free (and the ones with the price tag) books to download.

1. ManyBooks– As the name says these guys have many books.  Really simple to navigate site, clear pages with not too much of design in your way. Just click what you would like to see, open the category and browse through the titles. Yes, the books are not the freshest (fresh book pretty much always come with a price tag), but you can’t complain if something is free of charge.

2. Gutenberg– Project Gutenberg is the first web site dedicated to free eBooks founded by late Michael Hart; this web site feature over 33,000 eBooks readable in all mobile formats.  You can find topics ranging from agriculture to psychology and everything in between. All books are free to download but there is an option to read the books online as well which is great if you’re not sure whether you need this book or not. Like this you can first check the first few pages and make your decision.

3. Mobi Pocket– Imagine this: You enter the store to buy a book and there is no price tag under the books! Actually there is price tag but the price is zero dollars. That’s exactly what you are going to get if you decide to visit this virtual “store”…but that’s just the home page. The site needs a lot of improvements (one of the improvements is to get more titles into its library), and more free titles as well.

4. FeedbooksThis nicely designed site offers both bestsellers and free ereader reviews for download. Of course bestsellers are not free of charge, but if you prefer classic books such as Pride and Prejudice you will probably come here often, and if not often at least more than once. Beside English you can browse through the site in 4 other languages (French, German, Italian and Spanish). Furthermore, you can narrow your search by price, category, review…

5. Just Free Books– Just Free Books is a one-stop search engine for all of your Kindle book needs. How this works? Well, let’s say you’re interested in some of the Dostoyevsky works but you don’t want to go around searching different sites for it. Next thing you should do is to type the title of the book you need in a search field and Just Free Books will search more than 700 different sites for your free book. Yes, the sites give results for the books that are free of charge. You can download the ebook reader review and use them for your education or pleasure.


Having covered these 5 sites where you can download or/and find books for your Kindle everything is up to you now, especially since there is thousands of books free of charge. No need to search further because this is THE list. If you don’t find the books you like on these sites this means that you should search on the Amazon, but we can hardly imagine that you won’t find at least a dozen of interesting titles to feed you Kindle, or any other reader.