Businesses can streamline tedious tasks and improve productivity by merely selecting the right business software that aligns with their needs. 2020 is a remarkable year of innovation, and the market welcomes the advent of modern software. The software for everything from streamlining bookkeeping, sales, and marketing tasks to reducing human effort and boosting efficiency.

Today, businesses have access to a wide array of products and software designed to reduce human errors. It can be extremely challenging to choose the best one, especially for someone who has little tech know-how. We have compiled a list of the best business management software to incorporate in your organization in 2020.

Here’s everything you need to know:

1.    Pipedrive

If missing deadlines is the greatest challenge faced by your business, Pipedrive is the ultimate tool for you. It allows you to track all your deadlines and projects and is ideal for time-sensitive projects. Pipedrive is a CRM business management software that will equip your business with superior organization and project management tools. It is also highly recommended for managing sales, as it allows you greater control over team management.

It allows you to organize project timelines, take instant action, and manage all your sales and emails in one database. It offers flexible workflows that help expand your business by ensuring efficiency and tracking productivity levels.

It helps you forecast sales, choose the right deals, obtain project notifications, and improve project management outcomes. You can use the smartphone app to work from anywhere, anytime. You can observe the outputs of your team members and make suggestions then and there. You can choose between three different versions: Silver, Gold, and Platinum.

2.    QuickBooks Pro 2017

The creation of Intuit, a highly respected brand in the realm of finance, Quickbooks is viral. If your business is engaged in procuring a business loan from an acclaimed lender, such as the fast capital company. QuickBooks Pro can prove immensely advantageous from tracking your credit and repayment schedules. They are an ideal software for all small and medium-scale businesses, and they offer a wide array of innovative solutions.

QuickBooks Pro 2017 comes equipped with hundreds of templates to create business reports and streamline mundane accounting tasks. You can use them to track all your accounts payable, inventory, time tracking, contacts, taxation, and much more. It is hands down the best software to streamline all your budgeting and payment tasks. It will plan and organize your payroll and handle your tax returns.

This software comes with a one-time payment, and you can also download the software for a little extra cost. However, the downloaded version will create more expenses for future upgrades. QuickBooks Pro is only compatible with Windows and can accommodate up to three different users.

3.    ProWorkflow

One of the most popular project management tools, ProWorkflow has gained immense popularity for its cutting edge solutions. This industry-leading project management tool can help streamline your tasks and offer big data tools for superior analysis. Managing the output of teams as small as five and as big as 5000 becomes practical.

It offers easy time-tracking, communications solutions, invoice tracking, and a wide array of customizable features. You can start a free trial to examine its effectiveness.

4.    TurboTax

Managing tax invoices and returns is one of the most challenging endeavors for all businesses. TurboTax is a highly acclaimed and excellent software to streamline all your taxation-related qualms. It allows you to prepare all your tax returns, enjoy deductibles, and efficiently tracking all your expenses. The software also enables you to consult a tax expert to simplify your challenges and gain expert advice.


The businesses today have a wide variety of software to assist in their project management, tax, and planning tasks. Such software help to reduce human errors, increase efficiency, and reduce human effort. So there hasn’t been a better time than today to take advantage of them.

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