It is bad enough to receive spam, but this is a little insulting when you receive an email about an online senior dating site. I have received at least one per day asking me to sign up and connect with grannies online. I guess the spammer or marketing company just sends this garbage out to anyone without specifying a demographic.

There are two web sites that are promoting their scam and both have poor reputations on “Web of Trust”. These sites are listed as spam and phishing. These sites ( and are both considered dangerous and you should never share any personal information with them. These are Nigerian scam sites! Both sites collect personal information and share that information with other 3rd party marketers and or use the information for other illegal online activities, but they sure spam the heck out of me.

Online Senior Dating Scams

Feedback from customers

The is a scam according the feedback on mywot. The initial contacts or so-called romances are all from Nigerian people. Photos were taken from a modeling site, the name and info belonged to someone else. I was taken for $4000. Check out the site “Internet Love Scams” and you will see what I mean. ”

Feedback on – This site makes it very difficult to cancel membership – both paid and at the unpaid levels. Read their terms and conditions about how they get paid before signing up for full membership. Canceling the free membership doesn’t work the way they say it will – they say they send you a cancellation code to your email address which you have to use in a second phase of the cancellation process – but they don’t send it.”

To the spammer, I am 49 and I don’t dance with the oldies.