It looks like the favorite soft drink company has interest in Yahoo. It seems like a coincidence being that both the brands sound closely similar and are close in spelling, but why would Yoo-hoo want to get into the search space?Yoo-hoo to Buy Yahoo

This makes no sense or at least it seems odd, but in this day and age of the dot com’s anything is possible. The press release was posted earlier this morning and it has some investors scratching their heads wondering why a company who makes a soft drink would want to get into the search business.

Yahoo has been struggling trying to keep pace with Google, but it looks like Yahoo may have thrown in the towel. Since Carol Bartz took over as CEO of Yahoo, things haven’t gone to plan and Yahoo continues to lose market share in search.

I wonder if Bartz owns a significant amount of shares in Yoo-hoo. At one time and I am not sure if this is still the case, but Yogi Berra owned a substantial share of Yoo-hoo.

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Yahoo for Yoo-hoo! I am sure there will be a lot of Yoo-hoo ads running on Yahoo.