Since 2008, Web of Trust ( awards members for their hard work and contribution to the Web of Trust Community. It’s the community that makes the difference in the overall success of by identifying and alerting users about online scams, malware and rogue software. Through these efforts, users can be more confident when surfing the Web.

2009 WOT Awards

The WOT Top Member award goes to those members who have made a significant contribution to the progress and development of WOT.

The WOT Scam Buster award goes to those members who have contributed in the battle for a safe Internet. They may have discovered and reported threats or scams that could do harm to others’ computers, personal data and wallets, or contributed to research against cybercrime.

The WOT Publicity award goes to those members who have enthusiastically promoted WOT and safe surfing to other people.

TechJaws received two awards in 2009. We received our second WOT Publicity award and for the first time we received the WOT Scam Buster award.

I am thrilled and honored to receive two awards! I personally want to thank the entire WOT team and specially Deborah Salmi at WOT.

2009 WOT Award Recipients

WOT Statistics

Surf the web with confidence by downloading the mywot add-on for Firefox and Internet Explorer at

Special shout out to – BobJam, cotojo, g7w.

Thank you Web of Trust!