Obesity? Who me? No just the kid on the PC who plays games twenty-four seven. You know, when I was a kid, we played outside – and I don’t mean in a digital world. Do you remember playing war, whiffle ball, etc.? I sure do – and I also remember when kids were fit. Now that’s a different story.

I was in the grocery store this past weekend and observed the kids in th store and noticed a remarkable pattern. They were all overweight to a point of being off to a bad start. I thought to myself, “What does a parent do?”

These parents are young and most were born in the mid-to-late 80’s, so most of them are in the same boat as their kids.

It’s a shame these kids are lost in the digital world, with no concept of the physical activities that life offers. Is there hope? Yes, but it will take change and discipline to break this bad habit. If they don’t get help now, it will lead to adult health issues that can involve heart issues and diabetes. I think it’s a shame and I blame the parents for this oversight.

Get off the PC and game consoles and start being more active! Leave the junk food alone! It’s time to get yourself back to reality, and shape up before Mom visits you in the ICU. If you think you’re young and invincible, wait 10 to 20 years when health issues begin to take their course.