Netflix on Thursday snared its latest distribution coup: A long-overdue partnership with TiVo in what amounts to a Netflix everywhere strategy.

Under a four-year deal, Netflix will stream its movie and TV episode library on TiVo’s digital recorders starting in December. The deal, reported at various outlets (Techmeme), gives Netflix another distribution outlet and provides TiVo with a way to differentiate itself from other DVRs.

Netflix, which will be embedded on Samsung Blu-ray players shortly, also offers its own player in partnership with Roku and distributes its service via Microsoft’s Xbox platform. Netflix also has an electronics deal with LG Electronics. In addition, Netflix streams movie rentals online to subscribers.

TiVo has 3.6 million subscribers and Netflix has 8.7 million. It’s unclear what the customer overlap is, but given the subscriber tally Netflix may be a bigger help to TiVo than the other way around.

Netflix on TiVo will be available in December.

Source: ZDNet