It has been a busy year, but one that was exciting and filled with a lot of buzz. TechJaws has published over 600 articles in 2009, covering everything from Antivirus to SEO and so much more. We look forward to writing and sharing new blogs in 2010.

Our top ten blogs by referral and search traffic and comments

How to Remove Security Tool Virus68,536 unique visitors from Google search
Security Tool Virus is a rogue anti-spyware program that’s distributed through websites that simulate virus scans. The user is than prompted to download the software to clean the infected PC. The tool provides false alerts […] Full Story

StumbleUpon WTF! – I am absolutely beside myself on how bad the moderation has become on StumbleUpon. I see many messages coming through my toolbar that look like (Please if you like). What’s with the periods between words? The […] Full Story

A List of Dofollow Blogs to Improve Your Pagerank – I know many of us have read many SEO articles that explain that commenting on Dofollow blogs, with good Pagerank, will improve your Pagerank over time. The toughest challenge is finding blogs that have a […] Full Story

Dell’s New Studio Hybrid Good or Bad? – This is Dell’s most stylish, modern design desktop PC yet. It’s designed to fit into any environment while protecting the environment. Personalize with 6 interchangeable color sleeves or bamboo, Ultra-compact design with Intel mobile technology performance Features […] Full Story

Google Pagerank Update Coming Soon – This reminds me of the lyrics from the ketchup commercial song by Carly Simon:
Anticipation, anticipation
Is making me late
Is keeping me waiting
Google Pagerank toolbar updates approximately every 3 months, but there’s no way in telling when, […] Full Story

StumbleUpon Friends Appreciation Giveaway – It has been a while since we had a giveaway, but this one is for our StumbleUpon friends who liked many of the articles published on TechJaws. This giveaway is simple, and anyone can win some […] Full Story

PHP Script Injection Exploit in WordPress 2.7.1 – I experienced my first site hack this weekend thanks to a warning message from Kaspersky Internet Security. When I logged into the admin panel of WordPress, it detected the* in my Firefox browser. After […] Full Story

StumbleUpon is Stumbling Downward – The popular social network StumbleUpon has lost a lot of steam when it comes to referral traffic. Since January 2009, Stumble Referral traffic is down by more than 66% according to Google Analytics. Back in […] Full Story

Unblock Blocked Calls for Free – Sick of getting calls with blocked numbers on your cell? Here is your solution Trapcall. Trapcall will unblock and reveal the actual caller ID when a call has been blocked. No software or download needed! […] Full Story

McAfee Doesn’t Subscribe to Their Own Medicine – What if you went to a Ford dealer and walked over to the employee parking lot and noticed that not one employee drives a Ford. You would begin to lose confidence in their brand. Guess […] Full Story

I would also like to mention the hottest blog sites of 2009 in no particular order.

  • Kikolani – This blog has been on fire and for good reason, the content is A+.
  • Advanced Life Skills – If you want to improve your health and well being, this is a must read blog.
  • Connect with your Teens – If you are a parent with teens, this site is full of great articles.
  • Extreme John – This blogger tells it like it is. The blog features business news, rants, rantings and more.
  • The Range Blog – It’s all about SEO and  Marketing from the Pros!
  • HTS Tech Tips –  This blog is all about Computer Tips, Technology News & Computer Support.
  • Jay Zuck’s Sketch of the Day – The sketches featured here are off the hook.
  • PetLvr – A blog for pet lovers. Hart provides valuable information on pet care an so much more.
  • Bunny Got Blog – A blog for women in business and so much more.
  • Internet Secutity Blog – MyWot – This blog provides insight into Internet security and online safety provided by the organizers of WOT.

The best of 2009 and more to come in 2010!