The Mac is growing steadily in the business world as almost 80% of businesses are using Macs in the workplace today. This is almost double the percentage that said they had users running Mac OS X two years ago, a research firm said.

A recent survey conducted by Laura DiDio, a research fellow at Yankee Group Research Inc. who conducted a survey of more than 700 senior IT administrators and C-level executives. “Now the number of actual users is very significant. A number of the businesses said that they had 50 or 100 or even several thousand Macs deployed.”

In early 2006, when DiDio last polled corporate IT professionals on Mac deployment, 47% said that they had Apple Inc. hardware in their environments.

The growth of Macs in the workplace is impressive, considering that Apple Inc. has put little to no official effort into marketing the Mac. At one time the Mac only had 1-to2% of the market share, now they’re up to 8-to-10%.

Are we close to living in a Mac world by 2010? It could be possible, but that may call more hackers to arms.