Mac users can breathe easy, but for how long? The latest Conficker worm has no affect on the Mac OS. Windows users aren’t that fortunate as the popular Conficker has infected more than 10 million systems World wide.

In a recent attack, University of Utah officials say a computer virus has infected more than 700 campus computers, including those at the school’s three hospitals. The good news is that many systems owned by students are Mac’s.apple_worm

On January 2, 2008, Mac’s market share reached 8% and continues to climb each year, but it’s still not appetizing for virus authors to target. The more the merry is what these authors are thinking. However, the day will come when Mac’s will be targeted with malicious code as the market share grows.

Conficker is believed to be the most widespread computer worm infection since SQL Slammer in 2003. The initial rapid spread of the worm has been attributed to the number of Windows PCs (estimated at 30%) which have yet to apply the Microsoft patch for the MS08-067.

Windows users surf safe and make sure you keep your OS updated with the latest patches.