When making a purchase in-store or online, it’s best to always opt to pay by credit and not debit. Most criminals have a keen eye for detail and are always on the look out to steal your information (pin).Lose Debit and Purchase with Credit

By using a credit card, the transaction is seamless and secured from a terminal and there’s no need to interact other than to sign the receipt. When you pay by way of debit, you are raising the risk of being a victim of a crime and some banks can’t insure your total purchase.

Look over your shoulder when you are in a grocery store as there are many isles and there could be someone in the next isle scoping out your every move.

The holiday season is when identity thieves come out in droves. That makes it pivotal that consumers keep their debit cards on ice, said Beth Givens, director of the Privacy Rights Clearing House and one of the nation’s foremost experts on keeping your private information private.

Federal law limits your liability for fraudulent transactions on a debit card to $50. But that’s only if you notify your financial institution within two days of discovering the theft.

If you purchase goods online with a credit card and the product arrives damaged or was the wrong product shipped, you can dispute the purchase and stop payment with your financial institution. If you purchase using your debit card, the money is immediately debited from your checking or savings account. It could be an uphill battle to dispute your purchase using a debit card.

Happy and safe shopping during the holiday season!

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