We had it right by saying the iPad would drop in price by at least $100. You can now purchase the iPad for $399 at T.J. Maxx and Marshalls. Both will be offering the entry-level 16GB iPad for $399Wi-Fi iPad for US$399 on Black Friday. That’s a whopping $100 off the entry-level iPad’s standard price. Apple is not offering any deals, or at least not yet, but you never know what may happen by Black Friday.

Unfortunately, you may be camping out all night to get yourself an iPad for $399. T. J. Maxx tweeted that only select, unadvertised stores will be carrying the 16GB Wi-Fi iPad.

It’s just a matter of time before every retailer, including Apple, drops the price for the iPad. I know I am in the market of getting one, but I am not camping out for 12 hours.

iPad could be one of the hottest gifts under the tree this year.

Update: Someone wrote Steve Jobs asking him about that and it turns out that these stores are likely using the discounted iPads as their door busters. One thing everybody knows about Steve Jobs is that he doesn’t like to be outdone so in a way we should thank these stores for announcing the $100 discount. This leaves Steve Jobs with no other choice but to announce a $200 price-drop, likely to happen at the time when he’s announcing the new iPad models, sometime in early 2011.

Apple typically eliminates all the other options, so no more 3G models of the old generation and no Wi-Fi 32 or 64GB models … In fact, they might even make the ONLY 1st generation iPad model they sell 8GB instead of 16GB but it would be priced at the wallet-friendly $299 so people will have a choice to make – do you spend $299 for your first iPad or are the features of the 2nd Generation iPad (such as the rumored front-facing camera) going to be tempting enough that instead of $299 you can justify the extra money and spring $499 just to have the new 2nd Generation iPad. You can be sure that that’s what Steve would be betting on (while ensuring that the “entry-level” $299 model is selling like crazy too – making it super difficult for the competition to, well, compete… Which is already the case today even despite the iPad’s $499 price-tag).

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