Gadget junkies are aligning like the stars as the iPad 2 release date (March 11) approaches. The next best thing in tablet devices is thinner, lighter and faster than its original. Apple offers 3 versions and each varies in price, but for most users, the iPad 16 GB Wi-Fi will suffice. You could also opt for the 3G iPad if you really can find a need for that.iPad 2 versus Superman

I am mostly impressed with the style and advancements in processor power and graphics. If speed kills, than the iPad will be the next mass murderer.

If you had to compare the iPad 2 with Superman, here’s what the tail of the tape would look like;

iPad 2 Superman
Weight 1.33 pounds 200 lbs
Performance Two powerful cores Faster than a speeding bullet
Construction Aluminum Steel
Nemesis Motorola Xoom Lex Luthor
Strengths Productivity, Speed, Lighter, Video Conferencing, 65,000 apps Superhuman strength, speed, x-ray vision and flight
Weakness Water Kryptonite
Born April 2010 1932
Debut March 11, 2011 1938
Location Cupertino, California Krypton

It looks like the iPad is simply the better of the two, even though one is a fictional character. The new iPad does more than just fighting crime!

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