If you are a Mac user, you know how important it is to be extra productive every day at work. Fortunately, a Mac is one of the easiest-to-use computing devices you would work with, which provides you with the ability to improve yourself at every task you undertake continually.

And if you are still looking for ways to enhance your productivity, a Mac has a lot to offer you. After a while, you want to know more ways to get the most out of your device that can save you time and energy.

Here is a complete list of useful tips and tricks that you can use to your advantage and further enhance your productivity. Let us get to work:

Create a Backup of Your Photos

When you are a Mac owner, then you may own an iOS device as well. It gives you more reason to back up all the photos you have captured on your phone and saved on your device. However, there are some options in which you can back up your photos. The advantage of having a complete backup of your pictures is that your Mac will start to perform faster and more efficiently, which will give you more time and reasons to enhance your performance in return.

You can start by saving your photos on an external hard drive. In case you do not have an extra disk to save your images, you can upload these files on your iCloud storage and remove the transferred files from your device. It will give your system more room to breathe as well as the benefit of fast processing speed.

Create Smart Folders

The primary purpose of a smart folder is to save you time to find files on your Mac. Smart folders must update themselves according to the parameters you have set in advance. Moreover, it is a virtual folder that does not contain copies of the content but creates links to the original files. It provides you with easy access to files that may take a long time to locate.

However, while using these folders, you must be a little careful. If you delete these links that you have created in smart folders, you’ll be deleting the original files as well. So, while you are at it, make sure you do not make any necessary changes to it.

Get a Bigger Cursor

It may sound a little trivial, but you would be surprised to find that size does matter. When you are so immersed in your work, you lose sight of your cursor, and it becomes more of a hassle when your OS hides it automatically. To make things easier for you, try increasing the size of your cursor, so every time it hides, you find it with the smallest of a nudge to your mouse or touchpad.

In Conclusion

To enhance your productivity on a Mac, you must follow these simple but useful tips mentioned above. It will save you time and increase productivity while you can further use to accomplish more challenging and demanding tasks.

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