Tweetie is a new OS X Twitter client from atebits (makers of the iPhone app of the same name) that’s due to be released today, Monday April 20th.

Tweetie for the Mac displays a compact window for reading tweets, replies and mentions, direct messages, and searching the entire Twitterverse. Tweets are displayed in an iChat-like interface, regardless of whether you are viewing your friends’ timeline or a reply chain. The program has support for multiple accounts and most operations, like creating a new tweet or switching between timelines, are easily accessible via keyboard shortcuts.


Tweetie offers a number of features that let you use Twitter more quickly and even more productively. For instance, the new tweet window (accessible by a customizable, universal keyboard shortcut) is separate from Tweetie’s window.

This flexibility allows you to close the main Tweetie window, removing the distractions of your friends’ tweets, while keeping the program running, so that you can continue to publish your 140-character musings. The posting window even has a drop-down menu for switching between accounts for those who post under different names.

You can read more about Tweetie from MacWorld here.

Tweetie will be released today to the public, Brichter will offer it in both a free, ad-supported version (featuring infrequent ads from and a paid version for $14.95.