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The Bait Bucket – Writing, Self Improvement and Health

Fetching Friday – Featuring the resources mashup, Follow Friday recommendations, back to school backpack safety and reviews. – Did you miss it? Not to worry, you can just follow the link to read some of the best articles posted this week.

Walter Cronkite, A Tribute – The most trusted man in America has passed away.

The Power of Intention – A Personal Quest – I want it, I need it and I must have it!

Yes, I’m still around and a couple of updates – A friend lost on the rails on a journey to Jaipur.

There Is Much Whining: You Have Been Warned – How do couples balance life when both are pursuing careers?

Tunnel Vision! – Do other people share your opinion and views? In many cases we tend to have our differences.

Tasty Technology Bytes – Tech/Sci News, SEO, Security

Do Follow Blogs Commenting – A flame war breaks out on this post. John Sullivan takes no crap from anyone!

Microsoft Windows 7 And Server 2008 Released To Market – The final release or was it released already as build 7600?

Entrecard Acquired by ZipRunner: What it Means for the Community – It can only get better after the previous owner just sunk this battle ship.

Four things that changed my approach to buying domain names – An informative article on purchasing a domain name.

Don’t Litter on Twitter – It’s time for the garbage man to clean this place up.

Apollo 11 Did We Go? There has been a lot of buzz on whether or not this space mission was real or not. I firmly believe it was real.

How To Fool Your IT Teacher With A Fake File Creator – Fooling the teacher to buy more time to complete your project, priceless!

Herding Cats Project Management and Productivity – The people factor can impact the success of a project. I have seen this many times.

We Need a Bigger Boat – Marketing, Business and Making Money

Eight Magazines that Want to Buy Your Short Stories – Get paid for writing by submitting your articles to one of these 8 magazines.

Advertising Towards Dummies: A Matter Of Choice – Part of a series of advertisement concepts and philosophy’s.

Call Waiting, Ted Murphy, the FTC and Forbes – BenSpark where are you? No call, no nothing!

Hook, Line and Sinker – Odd stuff, Humor and Ramblings

Natural Diapers – This may not feel so comfortable, but you will not smell too bad after a good dump.

No Excuses Allowed – Do you find the truth inadequate. A little humor and rant on the subject.

Trophy Catches – Arts and Entertainment

Pirate’s Parlay – Are they dressed for the occasion? A great painting by the talented Jay Zuck.

What Happened to Gravity? – Are your feet firmly planted on the ground? An insightful article by a talented artist and great friend.

Your Bark is Bigger than Your Byte – Animals and Pets

What’s the Best Way to Train Pit Bulls? – If you have this breed of dogs, this is a must read article.

Dead Fish

deneilmerritt.com – A blog I visit daily was down this morning when I was writing this weeks Feeding Frenzy. Please visit this blog and read the latest posts authored by Deneil Merritt.

Week in review at TechJaws

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