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The Bait Bucket – Writing, Self Improvement and Health

Fetching Friday – A weekly series authored by Kristi at Kikolani.com. This weeks line up is loaded with many resources and so much more. I highly recommend that you read this wonderful weekly series. You never know, you may be in the spotlight next week.

Thank you yeah you – Potpolitics, a blog that never pulls punches. This article is a thank you to all the visitors who have written some of the best insightful comments.

Advertising Toward Dummies – The SeriesAn interview with a marketing and advertising professional. Great article and interview Bunny!

Friday with Friends – This blog features female bloggers that are really amazing. I am a big fan of one of these talented female bloggers.

1,000 Comments, Trackbacks, And Pingbacks1,000 comments with a little over 40 posts. That is an amazing accomplishment! Congratulations Deneil Merritt!

Story StarterAre you suffering from a little writer’s block? Here’s a little thought experiment – story starter to get you going.

Does becoming a parent restrict your social circle? – New friends and relationships can makes us forget our old friends. A very insightful article written by phpdinwriting.

Tasty Technology Bytes – Tech News, SEO, Security

Entrecard acquired by Ziprunner – Graham Langdon announced that Entrecard has been acquired by a company called Ziprunner Inc. I use to be a member, but I left for reasons I will not mention. How much did he sell the site for?

7 Beautiful CSS Galleries To Help You Find Inspiration – These top 7 beautiful CSS galleries can help you find inspiration and ultimately make you a better web designer.

7 Things I Like About Seesmic’s Browser Client – A very detailed article on why Ching the author of Social @ Blogging Tracker loves Seemic’s Browser. Don’t know what Seemic’s browser is? Learn more by reading this article.

Hacker Croll Hacks Into Twitter Account Via Password Retrieval – Twitter hacked? Are you kidding me? It’s true and the founder of Twitter was distressed over this incident.

What Google Will Look Like In Year 2084 – Most of us or even all of us will not be around to see what this power house will look like in 2084, but you can get an idea if it’s realistic, just use your imagination.

We Need a Bigger Boat – Marketing, Business and Making Money

More ways to make money online with Social Spark – Learn how to make money using Social Spark. The author provides tips on how to get approved to post at Social Spark.

Get More from Twitter – Twitter Marketing eBook Review – If your looking to market your business or blog using Twitter, this is a must read article.

Hook, Line and Sinker – Odd stuff, Humor and Ramblings

The Chris Farley Show: Captivating Bio of a younger generation’s Belushi – Chris Farley was one of my favorite actors who always made me laugh from movies and TV Shows like Tommy Boy and Saturday Night Live. Check out this captivating biography.

Trophy Catches – Arts and Entertainment

It Came From Outerspace the Painting in Progress – Jay Zuck needs no luck. This talented artist continues to amaze me with his latest work of art.

10 Short-Lived Celebrity Marriages – An article on short lived marriages and in my opinion they should have never enter into unity.

Spread Your Wings – A beautiful and thoughtful blog post by my best friend Susie, the owner and author of soul-to-soul.com.

Your Bark is Bigger than Your Byte – Animals and Pets

Camping with Your Dog– A great article on how to keep your dog safe during outdoor events like camping. Great article once again Hart!

Three Reasons to Own Two or More Cats – Find out why households with more than one cat have less problems.

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