Every MS Outlook account maintains a data file, known as PST (Personal Storage Table) file to store their Outlook items such as emails, contacts, tasks etc. Since these files are supported by MS Outlook only, so users find it necessary to convert them into other file formats for wider accessibility. One such third party tool is Outlook PST Converter, which allows the user to convert the PST files or folders into multiple file formats. The experts have tested this software under different situations. The following section will focus on providing the review of the Outlook PST File Converter Tool.

Key Features of Outlook PST Converter Tool

The software has been analyzed to check its performance factors such as reliability, quality, and efficiency. The following features can be considered to justify its performance:

1. Outlook Items Conversion

The tool facilitates the conversion of all or selected items from Outlook PST file. Various data items such as emails, contacts, calendars, notes, tasks can be selected and then converted into the desired file format.

2. Advanced Scan Feature

Outlook PST Converter software provides “Advance Scan” option, which can be used to deal with the conversion of corrupted PST files. On the completion of advance scan, complete items are recovered from the Outlook data file.


3. Scanning Progress Report

The tool displays a progress status during the scanning of PST files. This scanning report is issued throughout the scanning process. It lets user know about details of current file being scanned. This information includes file name, size, creation date, etc.


4. Multiple Format Preview

Once the complete PST file is scanned, the tool generates a preview of the emails and attachments scanned from the PST file. User can choose to view emails in different views such as Normal Mail View, Hex View, Properties View, MIME View etc.


5. Selective Item Export

User can simply export multiple data items by selecting the required data items to be exported and then clicking on Export option. So, users can make sure to select only the required data items for export purpose.

6. Multiple File formats

User can choose to export the scanned PST file with Outlook PST Converter, in any of the following formats:

  • MSG– This format can be generated for viewing PST file in any Outlook profile
  • EML– It allows user to view file in email clients like Windows Mail, Thunderbird, etc.
  • PDF– It allows user to view the content in any system independent of any email clients
  • vCard– It allows to create a single vCard for entire contacts exported


7. Mail Filter Option

The users can choose to export emails for a particular duration using Mail Filter option provided by the Tool. The range of dates can be specified by the user for which emails need to be exported using this feature.

8. Choose Destination Folder

The tool allows user to browse the storage location of exported file. It helps in proper memory management of the system by optimizing the storage area of local systems according to the user’s choice.

Versions of Outlook File Converter

The tool allows user to browse the storage location of exported file. It helps in proper memory management of the system by optimizing the storage area of local systems according to the user’s choice.

  • Demo Version: Users can easily download the demo version of PST Converter from company’s website at no cost. It allows user to preview all the PST items but export option is limited up to 25 items per folder in this version.
  • License Version: Users can purchase the license version of the PST File Converter tool from company’s website after making payment. It permits user to preview and export any number of PST files.

Specifications of Outlook PST Converter

PST Converter is designed to work well with the following hardware and software specifications:

  • Operating system– The tool supports Windows 8.1 and all below versions
  • RAM Requirement– Minimum 512 MB RAM is required for its installation. It is recommended to have 1 GB RAM for large data storage.
  • Processor Requirement– 1 GHz processor is mandatory to install Outlook PST converter. However, 2.4 GHz is recommended for quick response.
  • Outlook Support– It supports Outlook 2000, 2003, 2007,2010,2013,2016 versions


  1. No limitation on the PST file size is imposed
  2. Converts Corrupted/Password-protected PST


  1. Only single Outlook PST File conversion is allowed at a time
  2. Export report does not give detailed information about


The Outlook PST Converter tool is compatible with Windows 8.1 OS without the need of Outlook installation. The software provides an efficient conversion of all data items in PST, without any data loss. Hence, the PST converter Tool can be rated as 9.5/10 as it does not allow bulk conversion of PST files.