The name gaming PC itself defines what it is and what it is used for. It is a PC used to play games. The work of building a PC for gaming is not so easy for everyone unless you have interest in that part of the subject. There are many advantages and disadvantages in building a PC for gaming rather than buying a prebuilt gaming PC. So throughout to the end, we will come to know which will be the best building or buying a PC for gaming.


When it will come to the point of choosing which will be cheaper building or buying a PC for Gaming, then obviously building a PC will be cheaper than buying a prebuilt gaming PC. The reasons behind it are one can save the cost of profit margin and the assembly cost. If the cost of a gaming PC is expensive than the cost of profit margin and assembly will also be high. Therefore in this case building a gaming PC will be cheaper than buying than you can be prebuilt according to your requirements from scratch.

The building or buying a gaming PC depends upon the user needs, budget, the specializations required for him, graphics, etc. so let’s see what are the advantages and disadvantages of the building or buying a gaming PC.


  • The best thing in it is that you can choose your components according to your needs, visual designs, and performance within your budget.
  • It helps in saving a lot of assembling money. Besides that, it also gives satisfaction to the user of building his PC according to his needs. It will take little time but to the end, it will be worth it.
  • When someone builds their gaming PC, it makes them feel more connected to their PC as it will result of their hard work. When the user will build and place everything in its place and to the end when they will start the PC and it will start with no issue that satisfaction one will get will be priceless and worth it.


  • Building a PC it required time depending upon the user if he is learning on the spot and building it or know of it from before. Everyone doesn’t have that much time to invest in building their PC as it requires a lot of time to build it.
  • If the user is unfamiliar with the PC components and learning on the spot then it might become difficult to build it. Sometime in the process of learning and building it, the user may damage some parts of the components unknowingly.
  • As day by day, technology is developed a lot if the user is unfamiliar with the part which will be compatible with which component than it will lead to an error during the process of assembling. So the user should be very careful in choosing the components and during the process of assembling it.


  • When it comes to the point of buying a gaming PC it will save a lot of time of a user. All that the user needs to do is order a prebuilt PC of the model he wants which will be delivered to his doorstep. After that all that he needs to do to plug in and start playing.
  • The user need not worry about the compatible of the components. As the prebuilt gaming PC will come assembled with compatible components and properly tested by the experts.
  • Unlike when someone is building their gaming PC, the prebuilt PC will have a warranty for their parts or components. If something happens to any of the components of the PC the user can contact the manufacturer and get it replaced or repaired immediately with spending a single penny.


  • There is a wide variety of models nowadays in the market in Australia. And unlike before it is not so cheap to buy a prebuilt gaming PC of the user choice within their budget. One may find all the requirements he wants in the PC within the budget he might have set. And it is not possible to customize the prebuilt PC.
  • Building a gaming PC is not a very easy task. It takes a lot of time sometimes it may take hours or days to build a PC. But ones you buy a prebuilt PC, the user need not think of all the assembly process as it will come to him prebuilt without any hard work. So in that case, while buying a gaming PC the final price of the PC also includes the assembling cost which may be high sometimes depending on the model.
  • One’s the user buys a rebuild gaming PC, it cannot be customized, or reassembled or upgrade the components according to his requirements. Unless and until the user is ready to sacrifice his warranty, he cannot do anything with the prebuilt gaming PC according to his needs.

After knowing about everything and having full knowledge of the prebuilt PC and building their PC, it will depend upon the user what he decides to do. Build or buy a gaming PC for his own.

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