For photography enthusiasts, not any laptop is a good laptop. You need something that guarantees a smooth experience as a photo editor. The best way to go about it is to buy the ideal laptop for photo editing. This way, you will be able to enjoy a seamless working experience for several hours.

So, what makes a laptop ideal for photo editing? Many photographers agree that a powerful processor is almost necessary. In addition, you need high resolution and perfect color-accurate display. All these work together to ensure an awesome experience.

Choose the ideal processor

For photo editing, you are likely to be torn between Core i5 and Core i7 Intent 4th Generation, the all-feature Hyper-Threading Technology which ensures a laptop remains efficient even when it is multitasking. For instance, you might be working on Photoshop while uploading your pictures on cloud storage. You need a laptop that will carry out the two operations seamlessly without considerable reduction in performance.

Ideally, it is possible to take advantage of Core i5 without worrying about laptop crashing or lagging. However, core i7 guarantees even a better experience. From the seamless performance guaranteed, core i7 is ideally designed for photo editing. This processor has the necessary capabilities to ensure high-quality pictures.

If you need a laptop with the best CPUs for color-accuracy, speed power and graphics, core i7 has you covered. This processor also enhances the general performance of the laptop. For professionals, core i7 will definitely serve you right.

Chrome OS vs Windows; Which way to go?

If you are a photo editor, it is more likely that you are using Adobe Photoshop. Since Adobe does not exist in Chrome OS, you must really be careful when considering your options. Windows, on the other hand, features Adobe. This makes such laptops the very best for photo editing.

Well, if you are still bent on using Chrome OS, you can take advantage of other photo editing apps such as Touch Up and Pixlr.

In terms of available storage space, Chrome OS loses yet again. Let us consider HP Chromebook 14 for instance. It features 16GB of local storage. You will get another 15GB of storage from Google and additional 100GB cloud storage space free. Two years down the line, however, you will have to pay for this space. For someone who chooses a laptop such as Ace Aspire V3, which is Windows, the 500GB of hard drive and 15GB of OneDrive will prove more efficient.

Evidently, Chrome is great for casual users. However, Windows ensure a great experience for professional photo editors. At one point, or almost all the time, you will need to keep several photos on your hard drive. It is similar to Windows in terms of operation and storage capacity is Apple OS. It features all the lovely programs you might possibly need as well.

Top laptops for photo editing

You need a laptop with the highlighted features while still taking care of your personal preferences. Such laptops are there in the market. Laptop Runner’s guide advises that one needs to be patient and intense in your background research to find the best laptops for photo editing. We will consider three of them.

Lenovo Z70

Lenovo Z70 definitely has a large screen. However, the laptop is lightweight. It integrates the power core i7 processor with amazing NVIDIA graphics. The presence of anti-glare display in this laptop makes it a fine choice for photo editors. The full HD resolution, even under brighter lighting, guarantees a seamless photo editing experience.

The other obvious perk is the huge storage space of 1000GB, just enough to store tones of photos. The fast processor and high RAM make the laptop even better. Every photo editor also stands to benefit from the large display and out of the ordinary graphics.

The ebony black laptop also features a unique tactile feel, giving you an awesome experience every time you are on your laptop editing scores of photos. Ideally, most people also appreciate the excellent battery quality this laptop displays. Coupled with advanced battery saving technologies, you will definitely enjoy long sessions of photo editing without worrying about battery.

Acer Aspire V17

The large 17.3’’ high-quality screen is just one of the many reasons why this laptop is a top choice for photo editing in 2017. The speed, power and efficiency necessary for professional photo editing is all catered for by the powerful core i7 processor.

This laptop has all the excellent features of photo editing. Ideally, it transforms every photo editing session into a pleasurable experience. Coupled with Full HD IPS display, you will definitely have reasons to love the detailed imagery of this laptop. In addition, the red-lighted keyboard ensures a glaring experience for those who might want to continue with their photo editing endeavors deep into the night.

Apple MacBook Pro

This is another laptop worth considering for someone who wants a seamless photo editing experience. It is void of the optical drive to ensure an enhanced battery life.

Starting with the retina display, you will love the experience. The brighter screens and awesome view-angles just add to the tones of reasons this laptop is an ideal pick for photo editors. The highly functional, innovative and excellent laptop might be all you need to handle intensively involving tasks such as photo editing.

However, you need to be aware of possible flaws before settling for this laptop. Apple’s continued efforts for occasional OS upgrade seem to affect the functional performance of this laptop. The Yosemite updates can have significant effects on the ultimate productivity of this laptop.

All said, you might still have challenges choosing an ideal laptop for professional photo editing. If you find yourself facing such a predicament, always prioritize your needs. Opt for a laptop that will guarantee you an awesome experience every time you are working on the photos. Think about the performance, level of resolution and graphics. As much as price is a great concern, it should not feature top on your list when looking for a great laptop for photo editing.