IPTV stands for Internet Protocol Television. It can be defined as delivery of multimedia services such as television, video, audio, text etc. over IP based networks. It provides an astounding level of quality of service, security and reliability. IPTV allows transmission of television content through internet protocol networks. This is the new technology in the field of television broadcasting. IPTV works on the concept of streaming. It streams the source media continuously. This allows the user to play the content immediately without any delay in downloading.

The elements involved in IPTV technology are:

  • IPTV box: It decodes the streams for display on the TV screen.
  • Home TV gateway: It terminates the access link from the delivery network.
  • IPTV head-end: It encodes the live TV channels for the purpose of streaming.
  • Interactive portal: It allows the user to navigate within the different IPTV services.

This new innovation has revolutionized the television viewing concept. Nowadays there are many IPTV boxes available in the market with varying quality and price. Since the market is flooded with this product, it would be really difficult for you to pick the right IPTV box. To make it easier for you, we have picked the top 10 best IPTV boxes that you can buy in the market and enjoy streaming facility:

  • MINIX NEO U9: The MINIX NEO IPTV box comes with some serious power-packed performance. You also get a wireless remote controller. It makes your access to streaming services lot easier. This gadget is fueled by an Octa-Core 64 bit processor to ensure that you enjoy your show or movie without any issues. Higher RAM capacity, which is of 2GB, allows you to operate the system smoothly without any lags and bugs even when you are viewing a 4K video utilizing this gadget.

MINIX NEO U9 has 16GB of storage capacity. You can save your preferred movies and TV shows and watch later using this storage facility.

The most fascinating feature of this box is that you can run 4K and 2K UHD video without any lag and issues. It has an inbuilt HDMI 2.0 slot that guarantees you experience the most ideal picture quality alongside impeccable sound.

  • AMAZON FIRE TV: The Amazon Fire doesn’t run on stock Android. Its UI is customized by Amazon to give you more features and smooth experience. This makes it stand out among other Android TV Boxes with HD bolster. The photo quality is consistent with life as you can watch 4K and 1080p HD recordings utilizing this gadget. This IPTV box accompanies more than 15,000 applications and numerous diversions. Amazon Fire gives you an access to more than 300,000 movies and shows. It is certainly enough to fill your entertainment time with utmost joy.

The most fascinating and excellent feature of this IPTV box is that it comes with a voice remote. This feature allows you to use your voice commands to control your IPTV box.

Amazon Fire TV is powered by a powerful processor to give you a hassle-free experience. It comes with a powerful graphics processor, 2GB of RAM and 8GB of storage.

With these many features, Amazon Fire TV is certainly one of the best IPTV box.

  • EVANPO T95Z PLUS: The EVANPO Smart TV Box is based on Android Marshmallow platform. It has Amlogic S912 Octa-Core processor for better processing power and guarantees no lag or bugs.

This IPTV box has the capacity to play 4K videos at 60fps. 4K video accompanied with high definition audio multiplies the TV watching fun by many folds.

The unique feature of this IPTV is that it comes with inbuilt Bluetooth and WiFi. You can connect devices such as your mobile phone, speakers etc. with the help of Bluetooth or WiFi. Moreover, this IPTV box possesses a significantly comes large storage capacity so that you can store your favorite movies or shows and watch later. A wireless keyboard is provided with this IPTV box which allows you to operate it more easily.

  • KUKELE IPTV BOX: With regards to specifications and performance, this IPTV box is one of the most powerful ones. It comes with 3 GB of RAM and Octa-core processor to ensure a lag-free high definition video streaming on your TV. It runs on Android Marshmallow 6.1. This box supports apps. You can use any app on it apart from Hulu, YouTube and Netflix. You can download any apps from the Google Play store using this box.

The design of Kukele IPTV box is premium and compact. While it doesn’t require much space, at the same time it looks stunning and increases your house’s appearance. This box also allows you to watch 3d videos in HD quality. With this device, you won’t face any problem with its servicing and repairing as it comes with a substantial warranty and excellent customer care services.

  • NVIDIA SHIELD IPTV: The gaming mammoth has stepped into the field of TV streaming and it can be said that it has put a significant amount of effect on the competitors. You can stream videos from renowned sources Amazon prime, Showtime and HBO. What adds to its advantage is that this device is compatible with PlayStation.

Nothing can beat NVIDIA in the field of gaming and this is true for IPTV also. This NVIDIA IPTV box is powered by a powerful GPU. This helps you in playing the latest games on your TV on high definition without any lag and issues.

This box also offers you the voice command feature. You can use your voice to control the box. The NVIDIA Shield uses Google’s voice search. This ensures that you get optimized and apt results from your searches. These facilities are in addition to Android app support features. You can have access to various Android apps via NVIDIA Shield.

These are the top choices that you should certainly consider if you are mulling over buying IPTV box. With the applicability of Android in TVs, you can now get many extra features that add up to your watching experience. These IPTV boxes are some of the best in granting you the access to new and awe-inspiring technologies in the field of TV streaming.