There’s an email purporting to be from Apple, claiming that you must verify your information or your account will be suspended. In order to verify your Apple ID, you must click on a link in the email. This link leads to a phishing website that steals personal identifiable information and is used in unlawful activities including identity theft.Apple ID Verification Scam

The email is a scam and recipients shouldn’t share their personal information as Apple will not use this method to verify account information. If you receive an email like the one provided below, mark it as spam and delete it.

The domain or a related subdomain was detected as a confirmed phishing site in January 2012. The site is also listed on

Actual Email


A failure to Verify your information may result on a suspension of your account.

To Verify your Apple ID information click on the following link:

Verify Now >

Wondering why you got this email?

It’s sent when someone was trying to use your Apple ID to purchasing some items . If you didn’t do this, your account will supsend.

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Apple Customer Support

As you can see there are typos and grammar errors. Apple would never send such an unprofessional email notification.