With the growing importance of mobile phones in today’s world, one of the most dreadful things that can happen to someone is loss of the data stored on their phone. People store all sorts of data on their phones including photos, videos, text messages, and contacts to name but a few. Thanks to advancements in technology, it is now possible to recover lost data using devices such as the iPhone recovery stick from spycentre.com. Long gone are the days when deleting a photo file by mistake meant you had to say goodbye to your precious memories.

Below are the top causes of data loss:

  • Software and hardware malfunctions – Software and hardware malfunctions are the leading cause of data loss. In fact, statistics show that about 40% of data loss incidents are caused by software or hardware malfunctions. In most cases, software malfunctions cannot be prevented, but you can reduce chances of their occurrence by only downloading files from trusted websites to avoid downloading a virus or any other malware that can affect your phone’s software.

You should also have an antivirus software to inform you of any threats on your device so that you can take appropriate action. Always update the antivirus software to be on the safe side.

Hardware malfunctions can be prevented by handling your device with care and keeping it dry and away from dust.

  • Human error – Many people have accidentally deleted important files from their phones. You can prevent this by being more careful when deleting files; check one more time before deleting to ensure that you are not deleting the wrong file. Another way in which human error can cause data loss is if you accidentally cause physical damage to your phone, for example, if you drop it, causing loss of data. You can prevent this by storing your phone in a place that does not have too much human traffic.
  • Natural disasters – These include floods, fires, and earthquakes among others. They are largely uncontrollable but luckily, they account for less than 5% of data loss incidents. You can prevent data loss due to natural disasters by backing up your data regularly. Most mobile devices will actually send you reminders to back up your data. There are many cloud storage options available today, such as iCloud for iPhone users, and you therefore have no reason not to back up your data online. Remember, it is better to be safe than sorry.

You should do your best to prevent data loss but in the event that it does occur, it is possible to recover most if not all of it, from your browser bookmarks and calendar entries to your notes and applications.

By backing up your data often, you can always have peace of mind knowing your data is safe. Even if you are extra cautious and do everything in your power to prevent data loss, you can never be too sure with technology, especially when you know you have no control over some things like natural disasters.